Memento Depot

Last updated: September 22, 2016

Memento Depot provides information about archives of web content that are accessible via the Memento protocol, specified in RFC 7089. Check out the brief introduction to Memento if you are not familiar with it.

The following web archives support the Memento protocol natively:
  • - info
  • Archive-It - info
  • Bayerische Staatsbibliothek - info
  • Government of Canada Web Archive - info
  • DBpedia Archive @ Memento Depot - info
  • Triple Pattern Fragments DBpedia Archive @ Memento Depot - info
  • Icelandic Web Archive - info
  • Internet Archive - info
  • Library of Congress Web Archive - info
  • National Library of Ireland Web Archive - info
  • National Records of Scotland - info
  • Web Archive - info
  • PRONI Web Archive - info
  • - info
  • Stanford Web Archive - info
  • UK Government Web Archive - info
  • UK Parliament's Web Archive - info
  • UK Web Archive - info
Various web servers and content management systems support the Memento protocol natively. They do so by providing a link to a preferred TimeGate in HTTP response headers. Some examples:
The following collections are accessible by means of the Memento protocol, but support is implemented by proxy:
  • Web Archives, not yet natively compliant - info
  • Wikipedia, all language versions - info
The Memento Aggregator natively supports the Memento protocol and gathers information about Mementos across the above systems, both with native and by-proxy support of the Memento protocol. Let's take as Original Resource The resources that are relevant for the Memento protocol are: