Memento Depot - Triple Pattern Fragments Archive

Last updated: January 9, 2017

Archive Content

This is a Linked Data Fragments archive that contains prior versions of DBpedia. The LDF server natively supports Memento and contains DBpedia data dumps available from the DBpedia Downloads page, and covers the following DBpedia dumps:
  • DBpedia 2016, DBpedia 2015, DBpedia 2014, DBpedia 3.9, DBpedia 3.8, DBpedia 3.7, DBpedia 3.6, DBpedia 3.4, DBpedia 3.3, DBpedia 3.2, DBpedia 3.1, DBpedia 3.0, DBpedia 2.0
  • The English (en) version of all Core Datasets. No other languages are available.
Each DBpedia version is stored in the Header-Dictionary-Triple (HDT) format as individual files. HDT is a compact, binary representation for RDF that keeps big datasets compressed to save space while maintaining search and browse operations without prior decompression. The C++ HDT Library was used to create the HDTs for the DBpedia version.

Memento Protocol Information

The archive is accessible via the Memento "Time Travel for the Web" protocol. Hence, it supports datetime negotiation to access a version of an RDF description as it existed at a specific moment in time. Check out the brief introduction to Memento if you are not familiar with it.

The LDF server provides a RESTful interface to perform SPARQL like queries against the RDF datasets. It uses URL parameters in the form of ?subject=&predicate=&object=. Presuming the object of our search is, then the relevant search URL is:
The resources that are relevant for the Memento protocol are:
Further information:
  • Formats that are available via content negotiation from the archive are: RDF/XML ; n3 ; HTML

Integration with the Original Dataset

The DBpedia Linked Data Fragments server hosted by the Ghent University provides the appropriate TimeGate links to the Memento Depot LDF DBpedia Archive. In HTTP responses to requests for e.g., the Link header will contain a link with a "timegate" relation type that points to the appropriate TimeGate.